URBiNAT Project

Sofia is a leading city in the URBiNAT project, aimed at creating green health corridors as an engine for development in disadvantaged residential areas. The initiative seeks solutions inspired by nature to improve the quality of the environment in environmental and social terms.

The project is funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program until 2023, which provides grants for the implementation of "green" solutions in urban areas. The cities - participants in the initiative, including Sofia, will implement measures for pilot implementation of innovative environmentally friendly solutions in four areas - E - energy; W - water; Green - greenery / nature; Food / Nature - food / nature.

Sofia is participating in a project to create a green corridor that will connect the Tolstoy, Svoboda, Nadezhda 2 and 4 and Triangle districts in the Nadezhda district. It will unite in one system the many small gardens along the route. Thus, for the people from the neighborhood, the corridor will become a green clearing, where they will be able to walk, play sports and relax, and the territories north of the North Speed ​​Tangent will get a corner of nature in the urban space. The development of a complete network of connected bike lanes, which will reach the road exits in the area, is envisaged. The accompanying social and sports infrastructure such as children's and sports grounds will be built.

The deadline for implementation of the green corridor in Sofia is 2023. The project will be implemented with the joint efforts of local residents, business and administration, supported by the scientific community. The academic partner is the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.