Monitoring of immovable cultural heritage

The network of immovable cultural values in the Sofia Municipality is dense and multilayered. Sofiaplan monitors the inventory and updating of the data for this complicated complex of objects, obtained by the National Institute for Real Estate and Cultural Heritage, in order to improve the information base for the needs of the General Urban Plan of Sofia Municipality.

A major part of the work focuses on active communication with institutions and parts with expertise and attitude (administration, museums, universities and non-governmental organizations). Dialogue and interaction are initiated in order to find the right tools for improving the implementation of development policies and preservation of the objects of real cultural value.

The aim of the Sofproect team is to contribute to the improvement of the mechanisms for protection and management of the system of values, inseparably integrated in the modern and intensively developing city, as well as to improve the awareness of the citizens about the cultural assets on the territory of the municipality.

As part of the work related to the cultural assets of Sofia Municipality, Sofiaplan has produced a map of ceramic and granite pavements.