Sofia Green

Sofia Green Project is an initiative launched by the Mayor of Sofia Municipality in October 2016 that is part of the Sofia Development Association. The team behind the project has two main goals. One is to coordinate all the policies of the municipality related to the sustainable development of the city, and the second is to prepare the application of the capital for the European Commission's European Green Capital award*.

Over the past three years the team has been collecting, structuring and analyzing information according to the descriptions of twelve sustainability indicators set out in the application form for the European Green Capital award. The aim is to apply in 2019 for the contest for 2022. Apart of that, the team develops and organizes pilot projects, related to the topics of transport and mobility, air pollution, and waste management and treatment.

*The European Green Capital Award was established by the European Commission in 2008. The initiative aims to encourage local authorities across Europe in their efforts to reduce the negative impact of urban environments on residents' health and to apply high environmental standards in their governance.