About Sofiaplan

Sofiaplan is a municipal enterprise that is responsible for the high-level spatial and strategic planning of the Sofia Municipality. We work with a multidisciplinary team that works in active dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, collects and analyzes data on various aspects of the urban environment and community development and makes proposals for policies and planning tools for their application to the Metropolitan Council, Mayor, regions, mayors and deputy mayors of the Metropolitan Municipality. The enterprises are called Sofiaplan from September 10, 2020, by a decision of the Sofia Municipal Council.
The main projects of the plan for Sofia are Vision for Sofia 2050 (long-term strategy for the development of the capital community); the General development plan of the SO (includes the current OUP, changes in the expansion of the metropolitan network and works on the preparation for its general update - Plan for Sofia) and Plan for integrated development of the SO 2021-2027 - Program for Sofia. The enterprises have developed municipal plans for the program period 2007-2013. and 2014-2020. and develops, coordinates and supports plans, sector strategies and policies for the sustainable development of the Metropolitan Community. See our project here.
Leading principles in the work of Sofiaplan are ensuring maximum transparency of planning decisions for the community and opportunities for citizens and experts to participate in an informed conversation about the future of the city. We cooperate with various public structures, universities, researchers, branches, and non-governmental and commercial organizations. See the list of partners here Function plan Sofia and internship program — contact us if interested.