Regional Pre-Investment Study - Water and Sewage System

EU programs provide additional funding for projects in the water sector during the 2014-2020 programming period. In order to achieve compliance with the wastewater treatment directives and the quality of water intended for human consumption, Bulgaria has to develop а sufficient number of regional integrated projects.

Achieving high standards of quality and applying good international practices in their preparation is a prerequisite for the effective use of European funds. Sofia Municipality selected a design company via public procurement - Sofia Design Group - for the development of a Regional Pre-Investment Study for the territory serviced by the water and sewage operator Sofiyska Voda.

The main goals in the contractor's work are to achieve compliance with the quality requirements in the field of drinking water, wastewater treatment and sewage, including sediment management; effective use of EU funds; achieving efficiency of facilities and processes in the water supply and sewage system.