Analysis and forecasts for the energy development of Sofia Municipality by 2050

The study is "Analysis and modeling of energy consumption and energy supply in the Sofia Municipality and development of scenarios for sustainable energy development for the period 2020 - 2050". It is implemented at the initiative of Sofiaplan in cooperation with the Association Sofia Energy Agency - Sofena in connection with the monitoring of implementation and preparation for updating of the General Structural Plan.

The development presents a detailed spatial picture of the existing energy system in Sofia Municipality. The project has prepared maps for the heat and cold load of the energy grid by 2020, as well as forecasts and scenarios for its development by 2050. The end result is a specific database in the GIS environment for the needs of energy infrastructure monitoring and planning.

The research will support the policies of the Sofia Municipality for broader and adequate access to modern technologies in the field of energy and the utilization of the local resource from renewable energy sources. The study provides a basis for creating a sustainable model for the development of energy infrastructure for energy production and consumption. The aim is to achieve a more balanced utilization of conventional and renewable energy resources based on modern energy and innovative technologies.

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