Com.Unity.Lab Sofia

Com.Unity.Lab is a transfer network that aims to share the experience of the Lisbon gained during the work on the Local Development Strategy for priority intervention areas. The document provides the city with a set of tools to tackle poverty and mitigate inequalities - social, economic and educational. This happens with the joint efforts of the administration and local communities.

The Municipality of Lisbon shares experience with the implementation of four successful instruments for impact on urban areas. The first tool is mapping territories for priority intervention after analyzing statistics and conducting a survey among citizens. The second concerns the creation of working groups working with local authorities, civil society organizations and businesses to develop plans for the development of these areas. The third is a municipal grant program that funds the implementation of ideas. The last tool is aimed at empowering local communities. The ultimate goal is to promote the sustainable development of socially excluded urban areas and to create conditions for the involvement of local communities in this process.

By participating in Com.Unity.Lab, Sofia has the opportunity to exchange experiences of good practices and innovative action approaches for social inclusion and integration of problem areas. A map of territories for social cohesion in the capital will be drawn up within the project. The project is implemented by Sofia Municipality, represented by Sofiaplan, Directorate for Integration of People with Disabilities, Programs and Projects and Directorate for European Policies and Programs.

The Com.Unity.Lab project is funded by the European Union's URBACT III Program, which supports the construction and development of networks between European cities in order to promote sustainable and integrated urban development. The program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The leading partner is Lisbon (Portugal), in partnership with the cities of Sofia, Bari (Italy), Lublin (Poland), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Lille (France), Aalborg (Denmark) and The Hague (Netherlands).