Manastirski Livadi - East Park 

Concept for the linear park Manastirski Livadi - East offers a basic solution for the regeneration of the riverbeds of the Boyanska Bara and Bara Izlivo rivers, in order to build an indoor park - a shared, green environment. The idea was initiated by Sofiaplan and the preparation of the concept - was assigned to Vіrіdіѕ Landѕсаре Aрhіtесtѕ. The development is based on detailed analyzes and mapping of the existing situation, published in the report Analysis of the condition of Manastirski Livadi-East district. Based on this analysis, Sofiaplan prepares a detailed action plan for quality development of the territory. 

Plan scheme

In parallel and in line with the conceptual solution OP Sofia - project prepared a technical project for correction of riverbeds. The result aims to maximize the preservation of the natural appearance of rivers, while offering solutions to reduce the river gradient, reduce water flow rates, protect shores from erosion and prevent the risk of floods in the surrounding areas. 

In addition, a geodetic survey and expert assessment of the existing tree vegetation were made. The expert assessment was made through the online platform of the civic initiative One Tree. In line with the work on the concept of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, changes have been initiated in the PUP to allow the realization of the park. The whole process takes place in cooperation with the main architect of the Sofia Municipality - arch. Zdravko Zdravkov, the administration of the region Triaditsa, as well as the civil initiative committee Monastery meadows - east. 

The leading challenge for the balanced development of the neighborhood is the lack of green areas and pedestrian spaces, especially in this case, where about 70% of the population is active. By transforming the riparian areas into a linear park, the goal is to increase the quality of the living environment. Opportunities are provided for sports, recreation, play, social contacts, as well as for privacy and connection with nature. In addition - the implementation of the linear park would connect the individual parts of the neighborhood and would stimulate pedestrian and bicycle traffic in and through the neighborhood Monastery Meadows - East.

The concept for the linear park Monastery Meadows - East presents an innovative, systematic approach in the design of green spaces. It is the first and main step towards the development of park development projects in the conceptual, technical and working phase. The successful implementation of these projects has the potential to serve as a model for the improvement of the riparian areas in Sofia.

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