Сycle path in Studentski grad

The study explores possible options for the construction of a cycle path connecting the residential district Studentski grad with the metro station G.M. Dimitrov, the intersection of ul. 8th December, ul. Acad. St. Mladenov and the NSA complex to improve the overall connectivity of the neighborhood to the city's transportation network.

The project is aimed at improving the bicycle network in Sofia and responds to the need to provide flexible and sustainable methods of transportation in the Sofia Municipality. In the course of the work, analyzes of the street network and the points of interest in the Studentski grad were prepared. A detailed study of bicycle accessibility to the selected route through the city's alley network was made. The purpose of the cycle path is to serve both the Studentski grad and the Malinova Dolina, as well as to lead to the schools that attract the largest daily flow of people in the area.

An additional route along the cycle path is envisaged, which is a reconstruction of the section along ul. Acad. Stefan Mladeno, as well as the completion of the network on ul. 8th December and Acad. Boris Stefanov Blvd. In order to provide the bicycle connection to the city, the possibilities for connecting the Studentski grad bicycle network to the one of the newly constructed Malinova Dolina neighborhood were further considered, as well as to offer places for public bicycle parking.

The implementation of both bicycle lanes implies additional enrichment of the environment - landscaping, improvement of pedestrian conditions and good lighting. When designing bicycle parking lots, it is important to seek engagement with stakeholders, especially higher education institutions.