Shared public scooters and bicycle plan

The study aims to offer a system of shared public scooters and bicycles that reflects the dynamic environment in Sofia and helps to improve the quality of life in the long term. Such a system could be a tool to deal with the city's transportation problems and change the structure of the city's modal split.

In recent years, the use of private cars has increased, leading to rapid depreciation of the infrastructure in place, a reduction in the level of service to the street network, a change in the microclimate and a deterioration in the quality of life. Therefore, changing the transportation habits of Sofia residents will have a beneficial effect on many aspects of life in Sofia: air quality, urban spaces and green spaces, social contacts and noise in the city.

The system will create a sustainable alternative for urban travel. The initially covered territory has a high density of both population and service facilities. The system will encourage a shift in the transportation habits of residents, thereby contributing to the achievement of a sustainable model of urban mobility.