Transport model of Sofia

Ensuring efficient and fast daily movement is a priority of modern cities. To achieve it, it is necessary to anticipate and analyze the habits and preferences of residents. In this way, the most efficient transport services and infrastructure and public transport management systems can be offered. To this end, computer transport models are being built and maintained in many European capitals, which are a powerful tool for optimizing and sustainably planning transport infrastructure.

This is the goal of the transport model of Sofia, which is being prepared by Sofiaplan in cooperation with the Transport Department and the Architecture and Urban Planning Department at the Sofia Municipality. It is a computer model that is used to predict daily travel and choose the way people move. The system helps experts to better understand how to use and load the street network and public transport.

The model is created on the basis of information about the transport behavior of residents and visitors to the city. It contains a large amount of summary data on the daily movements of citizens - where they live, where they work, where they shop and others. This information allows you to simulate where and how people travel. The main data sources are:

  •     traffic counts
  •     data from sensors and cameras
  •     data on public transport passengers
  •     statistical information from population censuses (residence, place of work, schools, etc.)
  •     data from mobile devices

Sofia's transport model will serve as a basis for assessing the efficiency of the existing transport infrastructure and sustainable planning of its future development.