Urban masterplan of Sofia Municipality

The Urban masterplan is the most important spatial development plan of the city of Sofia and Sofia Municipality. It is produced in accordance with the requirements of the Spatial Planning Act, but is approved locally and nationally under the Law on the Urbanisation of Sofia Municipality.

The current masterplan was approved in 2007 and has been upgraded and supplemented in terms of the green system and transport with the 2009 amendment, and with the route of the third metro diameter in 2014, effective from 2017. The masterplan is a strategic long-term plan with a horizon of 2030 defining the goals and objectives of urban and regional development; forecasts for socio-economic and spatial development; guidelines for the development and arrangement of functional systems - habitation, labor, system of urban centres and spatial structure, transport and communications, engineering and technical infrastructure, cultural and historical heritage, recreation, green system and ecology; general rules for spatial development and macro-aesthetic concept; detailed studies of areas of strategic importance and increased investment activity; emergency program and milestone implementation plan. It is the basis for the Municipal development plan and other operational plans of the municipality.

The most widely used part of the Masterplan is the Zoning Plan, which implements the specific rules and regulations for the development of the territory of the municipality, approved as part of the Law on the Urbanisation of Sofia Municipality.