Eastern tangent

The study aims to determine the most optimal route for the road connection between Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd and the Northern Speed ​​Tangent, which is a continuation of Asen Yordanov Blvd in the north direction. This segment is an element of the third city ring, which makes it key to diverting car traffic from the east-west direction through the city center.

The new route should contribute to the development of Hristo Botev quarter by creating conditions for both the smooth transit traffic transit and good service in the adjacent territories. The new junction between the East Tangent and Boyan Magestnik Street and the roundabout with Geo Milev Street facilitates access to and from Geo Milev and Hristo Smirnenski quarters. The project is in the highest regard with the existing structure of the neighborhoods and minimizes the negative impact on residents and visitors.

The study is being conducted at the initiative of the Architecture and Urban Planning and Sofiaplan in the period August 2018 so far. Public discussions are to be held on the new decision as well as its coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Information Technologies regarding the passage of the route around the airport area.