Functional analysis of Sofia Municipality

The economic situation, educational opportunities and professional development are all factors that determine the attractiveness of a city. The functional analysis, prepared by Sofproect is a detailed localization of the different types of services provided on the territory of Sofia Municipality. The result is a digital map that lists all registered services in the following categories:

  • Transport and communication infrastructure
  • Green system and sport
  • Culture, recreation and tourism
  • Administrative and office buildings and offices
  • Social infrastructure
  • Science and innovation
  • Economy and economic base

The following were used to collect the baselines:

  • official registers maintained by different institutions;
  • detailed lists and information maintained by associations and non-governmental organizations;
  • open source data from Open Street Map and Google Maps

The map gives an opportunity to analyze the concentration of objects and services on the territory of Sofia Municipality. The created database of functions, offered in the city can be the basis for dynamic studies of the links between functions, demographics and mobility in the municipality. The map includes visualizations of the main groups of functions by urban units, as well as the ratio of the number of schools to the total built-up area by urban units.

The survey is conducted by the team of Sofiaplan in 2018, as the map information updated in June 2019.