Types of land ownership in Sofia Municipality

The study of Sofiaplan aims to analyze and visualize the percentage of different types of land ownership within the boundaries of Sofia Municipality. Both the predominant property in all 24 administrative regions of the capital and the types of property: private, municipal public, municipal private, state public, state private, etc. were studied.

The analysis provides a basis for future comparisons of changes in the type, size and territorial distribution of property in the municipality. The conclusions from it will help to better prioritize the management of the city and increase the quality of life in all neighborhoods and settlements in the municipality.

The aim of the study is to support the strategic development of Sofia Municipality in the direction of harmonization and saturation with sufficient public functions and social infrastructure.

Such a way of visualizing the data allows for dynamic aggregation or detailing of information. The goal of the team is to create an approach that allows automated processing and visualization of a large set of statistics.