Map of schools

The school map produced by Sofiaplan seeks to consolidate and upgrade the information already available from various sources in one place.

The map of municipal schools and centers for personal development support, published on the website of Sofia Municipality, has been completed, showing all schools - state, municipal, private, spiritual and those under an international agreement. The information about the schools themselves is in accordance with the registers of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Sofia City Region.

The advantage of the map is that the schools are not only punctually represented with the buildings and properties in which they are located, as well as with their identifiers for connection with the cadastral-administrative information system maintained by the Agency for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre.

The map is to be enriched with the possibility of visualization of the individual sites, according to their management (municipal, private state, etc.), as well as by type - vocational or specialized high school, elementary, primary or secondary, or a support center.