Municipal development plan

The current Municipal Development Plan (MDP) of Sofia Municipality for the period 2014 - 2020, build up by Sofiaplan is a seven-year strategic operational instrument under the Regional Development Act (RDA). It regulates the implementation of development policy and coordination of sectoral policies, the implementation of the General Development Plan (GDP), as well as the planning of financial resources for realization. The Municipal Development Plan programs the implementation of the necessary measures and tasks, which are initiated by the Sofia Municipality and are mainly its responsibility.

The MDP of Sofia Municipality for 2014 - 2020 integrates and supports the implementation of a number of sectoral strategies and programs with action in the same programming period, incl. An integrated plan for urban reconstruction and development of the city of Sofia, with an emphasis on their spatial and investment part and is a prerequisite for sustainable development of the municipality, justifying the tasks of its government for more than one term.

The team of Sofiaplan developed both the current MDP of Sofia Municipality 2014-2020 and the one for the previous period 2007-2013.