Map of play spaces

Sofiaplan collects and organizes the information about the playgrounds on the territory of Sofia Municipality. The data is presented on a single map, which includes information about the facilities, their general condition, age groups, type of ownership, the year of construction or reconstruction of the sites.

An analysis of pedestrian accessibility to each site is also made, which is also presented on the map. The information is complemented by a network of schools, kindergartens and sports facilities (tennis tables and outdoor fitness) located in the areas around the playgrounds.

The data are current as of September 2017 and have been collected with the assistance of the district administrations and the Green System Directorate. In the spring of 2019, in the course of the work on the Sofia Plays strategy, the information about the playgrounds has been updated and will be updated on the map. It will include data on playgrounds and children's party centers on the territory of Sofia Municipality.

The aim of the map is to unit actual information about the network of play spaces in the Sofia Municipality, providing conditions for better systematic planning and management of playgrounds.