Remote soil survey methods

The study aims to explore the possibilities of applying modern remote sensing methods for soil condition analysis in the Sofia Municipality. It is conducted at the initiative of Sofiaplan with the assistance of experts from the University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy and the University of Mining and Geology in the period July - December 2019. The analysis is in response to the lack of information and consistent studies on soil pollution and degradation processes identified in the Vision for Sofia.

Soil contamination zones are located in old non-functioning industrial sites of enterprises, landfills, mines, quarries for bulk materials and more. The current methods of soil research that are being investigated within the project are the use of various satellite images and specialized drones to obtain baseline information, its follow-up processing and analysis.

The study will allow the identification of areas of different contamination in the future and take measures to recover them. The collected data will be useful in planning the future development of the city and amendments to the Urban masterplan of Sofia.