Filing of durable vegetation

The project aims to create a public database of the long-term vegetation on the territory of Sofia Municipality. It is implemented jointly by Sofiaplan and the Green System Directorate. The project involves the development of a web-based information system that will:

  •     facilitate the creation and updating of the filing cabinet;
  •     provide conditions for better planning and design;
  •     improved the management of the tree vegetation of Sofia;
  •     enabled more efficient use of municipal funds;
  •     raise awareness of citizens and municipal employees;
  •   created the preconditions for better interaction between citizens, business and the municipality

The information system will contain data on the species, biometrics (dimensions), specific individual features and damages (common to the individual, the base, stem and crown), the condition of each tree and expert recommendations for the future management of the tree. Expert assessments of existing tree vegetation will be submitted through a dedicated mobile application that will be created as part of the system.