Updating of urban development units on the territory of Sofia Municipality

The development of Sofiaplan aims to create an ancillary tool for analysis, forecasting and planning of the Sofia Municipality by dividing the territory into separate urban development units. For them, boundaries and specific job names are graphically defined in many repetitive geographical names of neighborhoods and localities.

The units comprise territorial parts with similar morphological characteristics, taking into account the existing and defined by the Master plan local structures of the functional spatial systems (by types - urbanized territories - labor, recreation, habitation, etc., forests, agricultural lands, waters).

The boundaries of the units do not specifically and strictly follow a single planning area under the Master plan, but cover several of them, which are directly linked in internal interaction. They are not defined by law or regulation and are informal in this sense. Their size is sought to be small enough to include sections with relatively homogeneous urban land use and land use characteristics, and large enough to provide reliable forecasting. This allows them to give a sufficient degree of detail to the planning needs, but without the risk of conflict with the rules on personal data protection.

The goal is to make urban planning a base for further collection of a wide range of statistical data, as well as for deriving estimated values ​​of the basic parameters of the territories.