Tall buildings and visual corridors

The analysis examines the distribution of high-rise buildings (existing and projected) in the urbanized territory of Sofia, their storeys and functional purpose. For tall buildings are accepted those falling in the range of 15-32 floors. They are often the focus of discussions and debates due to a number of factors: storage of important visual corridors, infrastructure, city appearance, traffic generator, etc.

The survey gives a clear picture of the existing high-rise buildings in Sofia and a solid basis for further analysis in this area:

  •   trends and periods in the construction of high-rise buildings in the city;
  •   important visual corridors in the urban environment that need to be protected;
  •  loading of existing terrestrial and underground infrastructure and connection with the planned one, etc.

The analysis shows that the areas with the highest absolute number of high rise buildings in Sofia are Mladost, Krasno selo, Vazrajdane and Lyulin. There are the least tall buildings in Sredets, Oborishte, Poduyane, Vitosha and Ovcha Kupel. The total number of existing and project high buildings in the Sofia Municipality as of December 2018 is 434, which is 0.16 % of all buildings in the city.

The study was carried out by a team of Sofiaplan, with the data for the completion of the task updated as of December 2018.

The analysis was also upgraded with another study named Visual corridors to Vitosha - the first stage, prepared by arch. Evgeny Shirinyan. Its purpose is to test a technological method for defining the visual corridors in the city that preserve the view of Vitosha Mountain. The study lays the foundation and develops the methodology for the subsequent large-scale and in-depth studies of visual corridors, interactions and points of interest in the capital.

The results of both analyzes are the first steps towards more detailed exploration of areas suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings that do not impede and burden the normal functioning of the city, and even catalyze its development and well-being.