Borders and ownership of rivers

Sofiaplan initiates an analysis of the boundaries and property of the water bodies in the Sofia Municipality and their adjacent territories. The study covers the rivers Suhodolska, Vladayska, Perlovska, Slatinska, Banishka and Bistrishka until their inflow into Iskar, including their adjoining tributaries. The study looks at the problems related to the ownership of the rivers, their inclusion in the cadastral map and development plans of the Sofia Municipality.

The analysis is assigned to УАСГ - ЦНИП Ltd. and is carried out in the period from July to December 2019, collecting and structuring data from old cadastral plans, orthophoto images, geodetic surveys and investment projects for river corrections.

The study allows the alignment of water bodies in compliance with the regulations, spatial planning and SM policies and the implementation of a number of measures and projects related to:

  • implementation of green infrastructure providing various ecosystem services to the city - microclimate regulation, water and air treatment;
  • implementation of activities in the climate change adaptation plan;
  • disaster risk management;
  • conservation and enhancement of biodiversity