Western tangent

The study explores the possibility of realizing the road connection between the residential complex Ovcha Kupel (Montevideo Blvd.) and residential complex Lyulin (Dr. Peter Dertliev Blvd.), designated by the current Master Plan of Sofia Municipality. The aim is to provide the Western Tangent with a transport link - pedestrian, bicycle, tram and road - between poorly connected suburban inner-city parts of Sofia, complementing the ring structure of the prime street network and contributing to a more even distribution of traffic across it.

The study looks at the possibility of a tram connection between Ovcha Kupel and Lyulin crossing the future Western Tangent. In the first stage of the task, the team is exploring options for constructing a track from the existing Ovcha Kupel Blvd. (the intersection with Ljubljana Str.) through Montevideo Blvd. and the future Western Tangent to Suhodolska Str. The second phase of the study is forthcoming, which will analyze the continuation of the tram route from Suhodolska Str. to the Southern Tangent of Lyulin and its connection to the existing rail infrastructure along Pancho Vladigerov Blvd.

The aim is to have the project implemented with minimal impact on the environment, as the artery cuts through the western green wedge of Sofia. Minimizing the impact on the Stubel River wetland is also sought.

The research is being carried out by the Architecture and Urban Planning Department and Sofiaplan in cooperation with the Ovcha Kupel Initiative Committee in the period from the end of 2018 until now.