About Sofiaplan

Sofiaplan is a municipal enterprise responsible for the spatial and strategic planning of Sofia Municipality. We have a multidisciplinary team of nearly 30 experts who work in active dialogue with various stakeholders, collect and analyse data on various aspects of the urban environment and municipal development, and make policy proposals to Sofia’s Municipal Council, the mayor, district mayors and the deputy mayors. Sofiaplan is the successor of Sofproect - OGP, established in 1997. Sofproect became Sofiaplan by a decision of the Sofia Municipal Council on September 10th 2020.

Key projects of Sofiaplan are Vision for Sofia (a long-term strategy for development of Sofia Municipality until 2050), Plan of Sofia (the current General Urban Plan and its forthcoming renewal) and Program for Sofia (Integrated Municipal Development Plan 2021-2027). The company also develops plans, strategies and policies for the sustainable development of Sofia Municipality. See more of our projects here.

Leading principles in Sofiaplan’s work are the provision of maximum transparency in the process of strategic and spatial planning and the creation of opportunities for participation of citizens and experts in an informed conversation about the future of the city. For these purposes we cooperate with various municipal structures, universities and researchers, industry, non-governmental and commercial organisations. See a list of our partners here.

Sofiaplan also runs an internship program — contact us if you are interested.

Why Are We Making the Change?

"Sofiaplan's goal is to coordinate an informed discussion about the environment and the creation of plans for its continuous improvement."

— Ljubo Georgiev, Director at Sofiaplan

"Sofiaplan’s team, which form now on is tasked with creating all municipal plans and strategies, will aim at working holistically within the directions stated by Vision for Sofia."

— Zdravko Zdravkov, Chief Architect of Sofia Municipality

Our New Identity

We present the new visual identity of Sofiaplan, developed by Imp-Act Agency. It uses stylised elements from the coat of arms of Sofia and the custom font created especially for Bulgaria’s capital — Sofia Sans. The identity employs 8 colours that mark the main themes in the work of Sofiaplan and uses a dynamic visual language that adapts to the company’s various fields of activity.

"The goal we followed when creating the new brand of Sofiaplan was to facilitate navigation among the complex and multidisciplinary topics that the team works with, and to make them more accessible and interesting for a wider audience."

— Imp-Act Agency

Основни проекти

Визия за София

Vision for Sofia is an initiative of Sofia Municipality to create a shared and long-term strategy for the development of the capital and suburban areas until 2050. The strategy is based on multiple studies and analyses of the current state of Sofia and with the participation of over 10 000 organisations, businesses, politicians and citizens. It includes specific steps, measures and goals for the future sustainable development of the city.

Goal: to coordinate the efforts of citizens, business, science, NGOs and administration for the long-term development of the municipality.

Запознайте се с Визия за София тук.

Планът на София

The Plan of Sofia or the general urban plan is the most important document for spatial development of Sofia Municipality. The process of its renewal begins with the preparation of Vision for Sofia, which will determine the goals for future development of the city. The next strategic project of Sofiaplan is the renewal of the Plan of Sofia.

Goal: to allow active, timely and sustainable management of the territory, to support the implementation of the municipal’s strategic development goals.

Следете и участвайте в създаването на Планът на София тук.

Програма за София

Program for Sofia is the plan for integrated development of Sofia Municipality for the period 2021-2027. In line with Vision for Sofia this strategic document defines the medium-term goals and priorities for sustainable integrated development of the city. This is done on the basis of a detailed analysis of the current problems and potentials of the municipality and its relations with the surrounding settlements. The program will identify priority areas for impact and specific key projects to be implemented in the next EU programming period.

Goal: to select and prioritize the most reasoned, necessary and feasible projects for the development of the municipality.

Следете и участвайте в създаването на Програма за София тук.

Learn more about other projects for strategic and spatial planning of Sofia Municipality here.

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